45 Ideas for Acquisition & Engagement Users

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45 Ideas for Acquisition & Engagement Users

Piratical Product Management
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Here are the 45 ways to enhance your product and engage your users WITHOUT external marketing and advertising budget (only you and your team activities).


I always smile at those teams that say that "we need an investments for growth and development."

At such moments, I try to clarify: "what kind of growth and development do you need - internal or external?"

On this question, many product managers start to get confused and they start talking nonsense about the market, market share, and approximate marketing budgets, completely forgetting about their product, team, users, and... internal potential.

With their confusion, they sign three facts of unprofessionalism:

  1. product managers and their marketing team do not know how and cannot do anything without investment;
  2. such product managers and their marketing team will not be able to do anything even with the budget - they will spend it every month in a bottomless oven of contextual advertising and retargeting, and ask for more and more money.
  3. their work activities are so weak that they do not push products to organic growth.

If a product can't grow organically on its own, it's highly likely that any investment will only make it harder to grow in the long run. This is a terrible truth that has been ignored by many teams and has killed many products around the world.

I share a list of free options for internal product growth by the team, the product itself and ... its users, built on simple and understandable things - content and SEO.

Ideas include and separate on the 3 main directs:

  1. activities and content by the product team;
  2. activities and content by users;
  3. auto-activities by product.

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